Bonding Together

If Lebanon’s history and tragic events have taught us one thing, it is that each Lebanese embodies an unfathomable will to overcome all kinds of challenges in the hope of a better future. Lebanese citizens are yet to set the right path for a better version of Lebanon.

In our Embassy, we seriously take note of the amazing energy and will of the Lebanese diaspora in Belgium and Luxembourg in all fields. One of our main responsibilities is to further build trust with this diaspora and allow for all Lebanese to share their experiences and proactively bond.

Mission Statement

To that end, this embassy has created a networking platform that will allow all Lebanese to connect together, according to their sphere of interest. Through this platform, we seek to enhance Lebanese chances of success abroad, especially for the Lebanese students, recent graduates, and young workers.


  • The first aim is to allow those who succeeded to share their experiences, hopefully offer job opportunities
  • The second aim is to allow those who are qualified to apply to listed job openings
  • The third is to give all Lebanese in Belgium and Luxembourg the opportunity to post and advertise the services they provide according to their field of specialisation.
  • The fourth aim is to create a space of sustained mutual solidarity and exchange between Lebanese, especially during these difficult times in Lebanon.

The best way to discover this new networking platform is to surf it, and participate in. By massively participating, we all join efforts to serving our extraordinary community abroad!